I managed Taryn directly for a period of time in my current role. I also worked with her for several years when I was Director for Defibrillation Marketing at Cardiac Science. Taryn is an extremely talented employee. She learned many technical applications quickly. She helped manage all of our web domains and e-marketing efforts cost effectively and efficiently. Taryn has an amazing “Can Do” attitude and is always a team player. She managed the translation process for dozens of collateral pieces that needed to be prepared in time for a product launch in six languages. She managed all translation agencies and fulfillment vendors and as a result saved us thousands of dollars while meeting aggressive deadlines. She is a top performer, versatile talent and any team would be absolutely fortunate to have her on board.

Anastasia Mironova
Medical Technology Marketing Executive




I enthusiastically recommend Taryn. Over the three years I’ve worked with Taryn, I am continually impressed with her work ethic and follow through. Taryn is highly efficient and always finds a way to get the job done. She has a great ability to manage a large number of competing projects and priorities. Taryn asks the right questions and communicates clearly to ensure priority projects are completed on time and with great attention to detail.


Eddie Martin
Sr. Marketing Manager


Ric-KositzkeAs an e-Marketing, web design, and copy editing guru, Taryn Adams has been an invaluable member of Cardiac Science’s global marketing communications team. I’ve managed her since 2011 and have admired her hard work, positive attitude and her knack for finalizing time-sensitive projects. Any employer that hires her will get a valuable contributor to their team.

Job Skills
Taryn is highly skilled in developing web pages and managing web vendors, which has helped my department save thousands of dollars in web vendor fees. She is also a lead management expert who manages the company’s Salesforce.com lead process. She is a quick learner who quickly grasped Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver. She also has a keen understanding of branding, e-mail marketing, project management, and translation management.

Taryn deftly used these skills in 2011 and 2012 as she managed the web and translation portions of a new product launch in Europe. She developed multiple “sizzle” product web pages in multiple languages that required working with a myriad of web and translation vendors. After many long hours and numerous last-minute changes, we launched these materials on time and earned immediate market-share leadership. Much of this success is due to her hard work.

Soft Skills
Taryn is the rare professional who is able to provide quality deliverables but is selfless and willing to tackle any challenge. Her personality is ideal for any organization who values a team player and passion from their employees.

For these reasons, I highly recommend Taryn Adams for any Marketing Communications, e-Marketing, or web positions.

Ric Kositzke
Senior Marketing Communications Group Manager

Rachel-HironsI have worked with Taryn for more than two years on a variety of marketing projects, and I’ve been constantly impressed with her initiative and work ethic. Taryn consistently has a positive attitude, even in busy, stressful situations.

Taryn recently supported the market launch of our newest Automated External Defibrillator (AED). She was responsible for creating 18 web pages of content, managing the translations of 39 separate deliverables (into 6 languages). She also managed the rigorous regulatory approval process, which required her to process more than 2,000 deliverables. These responsibilities required extreme attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and responsiveness.

Taryn consistently showed that she was willing to do whatever it took to get the job done right. We rely on Taryn for a wide variety of expertise, and she has been consistently willing to help out, even if it’s not her responsibility.

Rachel Hirons
Senior Marketing Manager



Taryn is a true professional! She designed, implemented, and even showed me the basics of running my own website. The turn around time was nothing short of amazing. She was even able to accommodate to my schedule due to being in different time zones. As well as explain things in terms that I could understand. I would definitely recommend her for all of your website needs. You won’t be disappointed. I for sure will be using her services again in the future!


– Kevin Lanni