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Taryn Adams Consulting is dedicated to supporting not-for-profit animal charities by offering complimentary marketing services. Whether your focus is on endangered species, pet adoption, animal shelters, or conservation efforts, I am delighted to contribute my services without charge.

Here are a few ideas I’ve brainstormed, but feel free to bring forth any concepts you may have:

  1. Professional Photos and Profiles:
    • I have professional photography equipment to capture high-quality and engaging photos of each pet.
    • Create individual online profiles for each pet with a brief description of their personality, likes, and unique traits.
  2. Social Media Campaigns:
    • Launch social media campaigns featuring each pet with catchy hashtags to increase visibility.
    • Share success stories of previously adopted dogs to encourage others.
  3. Themed Adoption Events:
    • Host themed adoption events, such as “Puppy Yoga” or “Senior Dog Sundays,” to attract different audiences.
    • I can capture the event with photography and videography to create adoption ads and video promotions.
  4. Storytelling Campaigns:
    • Share heartwarming and inspiring stories about each pets’ journeys on various media platforms.
    • Focus on overcoming challenges or highlighting unique qualities.