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I designed the aqCloud logo for Airbiquity, symbolizing the company’s connected car back-end cloud software platform server.

I created a logo for The Fusion Project collaboration between Airbiquity, Cloudera, Wind River, NXP, and Teraki.

The mLink logo was design when Airbiquity added this feature to their product line which enabled vehicle connectivity through the smartphone.

I created the logo for the Uptane software update security framework . The font allowed the “a” to look like a lock when I customized the keyhole.

I conceptualized and crafted the Rehoming Fido logo as part of a charity initiative dedicated to rehoming pets proactively, ensuring they find loving homes before facing the daunting prospect of shelter life.

I developed the SavvyLab brand identity during Airbiquity’s exploration of investment opportunities. This involved meticulously crafting and refining the brand’s essence, visual elements, and messaging to resonate with our target audience and align seamlessly with our strategic objectives.

I created the logo for Windy Mountain Marketing after my deck and car were flattened from a tree falling during a wind storm. I plan on using this logo if my marketing agency grows to include additional employees.

Gardenstone Masonry logo was created for a high-end masonry company that does business in the greater Seattle area. We were looking to convey the concepts of brick and stones with landscape elements.