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Product Marketing – Collaborate with global cross-functional teams to define requirements and launch new products. Create compelling messaging and positioning that will help differentiate the product’s value proposition in the marketplace. Analyze market trends and industry best practices to determine marketing strategies. Support new product launch plans with educational and promotional digital assets across different platforms (including advertising, landing pages, websites, emails, collateral, infographics, videos, and other external-facing assets) that resonate with target audience and drive product awareness. Perform market research to understand trends, create a competitive landscape

Email Marketing Automation – Design, create, and send e-mail blasts newsletters and event announcements for demand generation campaigns using HubSpot/Constant Contact and syncing email database segmented lists from Salesforce. Manage and navigate various email service providers and related technologies, ensuring maximum deliverability and compliance with all relevant regulations, including GDPR, CAN-SPAM, etc. Monitor and analyze campaign KPIs, providing regular, detailed reports and making informed recommendations for continual improvement. Design marketing automation workflows to deliver timely content, using A/B testing and email optimization to drive conversion and engagement. Stay current with the latest trends, best practices, and email and digital marketing technologies.

Content Creation – Developed and executed content strategies aligning with brand objectives, resulting in increased audience engagement and brand visibility. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to produced diverse and compelling multimedia content, including written articles, blog posts, infographics, and videos, catering to different audience preferences. Implemented SEO best practices to optimize content for search engines, driving organic traffic and improving online visibility. Crafted and refined brand messaging through storytelling, ensuring consistency across various content channels and maintaining brand identity. Created engaging and shareable content for social media platforms, fostering community engagement and expanding the brand’s digital presence. Collaborated closely with design teams to integrate visual elements into written content, enhancing overall user experience and brand communication. Developed and maintained editorials calendars, ensuring a consistent and timely flow of content aligned with marketing and promotional activities. Utilized analytics tools to monitor content performance, extracting insights to refine strategies and improve engagement metrics. Demonstrated adaptability by staying current with industry trends and incorporating relevant themes into content, ensuring its relevance and resonance.

Website Management – Design and build all new webpages and redesigns with Concrete5 (homepage, new product pages, blog posts, news articles, press releases, technology integrations, etc.). Responsibilities include building custom HTML and CSS contact forms that integrate with Salesforce, manage translations to keep the Japanese website up-to-date, developer agency management, and general website maintenance. Partner with external search engine optimization (SEO) agency to strategize, plan, and execute SEO best practices. Conduct regular site audits to identify and address technical SEO issues. Report on website performance, analytics and optimization strategies and results with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Event Management – Manage various aspects of trade shows and events including budgeting, promotional pre-show planning and outreach, post-show lead upload and outreach, event coordination, collateral (signage, advertisements, banner stands, swag), and onsite support to drive leads into the sales funnel. Determine trade show objectives in order to analyze post-event lead generation, key insights, and ROI. Campaign administration support to guide sales team through the process and make any appropriate customizations and improvements. Track lead flow to ensure Sales channels are following up with event attendees in a timely manner.

Salesforce Administrator – Create and manage targeted and personalized campaigns using email automation triggers. Support all sales needs including adding new fields for user customization, maintaining how-to documentation, custom reporting dashboards, campaign tracking, and analytic reporting. Enhanced database quality by maintaining a healthy, categorized database to ensure targeted and personal communication with segmented lists. Lead generation using custom CSS web-to-lead forms, event participation, and webinar attendance. Optimized the sales funnel to better nurture leads and optimize conversion as well as implemented lead scoring measurement.

Graphic Design – Led end-to-end in-house design processes, overseeing the creation and production of diverse materials such as logos, advertisements, flyers, brochures, banner stands, email campaigns, business cards, infographics, icons, and webpages. Develop and manage a comprehensive content calendar to strategically plan and maintain a consistent flow of marketing collateral. Established and managed external creative agency partnerships, effectively delegating tasks and providing constructive feedback.

Social Media Strategy – Developed and executed a comprehensive social media strategy to strengthen brand awareness, showcase thought leadership, and stimulate demand. Post engaging content including proactive thought-leadership articles, press release announcements, infographics, videos, company events, and product demos that resonate with our target audience. Through strategic engagement and analytics-driven optimizations, significantly enhanced the brand’s online presence and market positioning. Led daily social media management across key platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Brand Management – Spearheaded the development of comprehensive brand strategies, ensuring consistent brand messaging and visual identity aligned with business objectives. Led efforts to refine and strengthen the brand positioning and visual identity, resulting in increased market share and heightened brand recognition. Conceptualized and executed successful brand campaigns, integrating traditional and digital channels to enhance brand visibility. Developed and maintained brand guidelines, ensuring uniformity in communication materials and enforcing brand standards throughout the organization. Utilized analytics tools to measure and brand campaign KPIs, providing actionable insights for continuous improvement and adaptation. Creation new product logos and icons that align with the company’s style guide and resonates with target audience.

Partner Marketing – Execute partner marketing planning with technology partners by building and maintaining relationships and understanding long-term business goals. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop marketing materials such as landing page, information sheets, advertisements, and more. Plan and support event collaborations at industry trade show events. Report on partner engagements KPIs and goals.

Sales Enablement – Provided sales team with marketing materials (digital and print) including website landing pages, internal SharePoint portals, PowerPoint presentations, information sheets, videos, infographics, and group calendars for event planning & support. Also supported training for product demos, Salesforce processes, and any associated troubleshooting.

Translation Management – Maintain consistent and up-to-date versions of marketing collateral and website updates for the Japanese market using internal and agency generated translations.

Video Editing and Production – Produce, edit, and publish product demo videos and motion graphic videos in-house using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition as well as managing ongoing relationships with external vendors, monitoring all aspects of vendor work and ensuring that quality and deadlines were met.

Videography – Filming, editing, and production of videography content used for product demos, thought-leadership interviews, and social media promotions.

Campaign Management – Plan, execute, and manage digital marketing campaigns across various channels, including SEO, social media, display advertising, website blog posts, email marketing, content marketing, and event marketing; with tracking, analytics, and reporting using GA4, GTM, and Salesforce. Analyze data and insights to identify market opportunities and challenges. Manage campaign digital marketing budgets, ensuring efficient resource utilization and maximizing ROI. Worked with PR agency to coordinate interviews and Q&A’s for industry-leading publications to enhance brand identity and awareness.

Photography – Conducted photography sessions, capturing images for technology demo units featured in product spec sheets, executed graphic design projects, and provided personnel photography services for employee portraits.

Concrete5; WordPress; HTML; CSS;; Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, AfterEffects, Audition, Dreamweaver; Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint; SharePoint; ConstantContact; ExactTarget; HubSpot; SEO; CRM; Google Analytics; Google Tag Manager