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DATAmatic Edge Data Platform webpage supported a new product launch campaign when we divided our cloud product into two sides: software and data. I designed this page and created the DATAmatic logo to sister with OTAmatic, with a custom contact form that integrates with Salesforce and a feature panel on Airbiquity’s newest feature: mLink.

Airbiquity’s Technology Integration page features technology partners in the connected car industry. Each thumbnail has a background image representing the selected brand that will appear upon mouse hover. Each partner has a dedicated page linked and clicking will lead you to a separate page that takes a deep-dive into the details of each technology integration.

The third rendition of the Airbiquity homepage, I had the spotlight shine on Airbiquity’s latest product, LOGmatic. As a creative touch, you might notice the Airbiquity logo seamlessly embedded onto the billboard in the feature image. Below this, you’ll find a dedicated section showcasing Airbiquity’s expanding influence across diverse industry sectors.

Please click the above previews for a full size version of the webpage.